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Flagstone Path set in gravel

Flagstone Path

A good example of a simple path of flagstone set with no cutting or mortaring, but still providing utility and longevity.

Paver Pathway and round patio

Paver Pathway

Here is a paver pathway that runs along the side of the house into the back yard and onto a small circular patio.

Permeable paver driveway with turf stone

Paver & Turf Stone

This permeable paver driveway is installed to allow the free movement of water. The holes are planted with grass to keep a natural look to the driveway and absorb water as well.

Split-level stairs

Split-Level Stairs

These stairs are incorporated into a larger project but highlighted here to provide a visual representation of one option for steps.

Faux sunken patio in Seattle, Washington

Faux Sunken Patio

Compensating for a grade change, a small wall needed to be built surrounding half the patio, leaving the impression that the patio is sunken into the ground.

Raised Flagstone Patio

Raised Flagstone Patio

A sand set flagstone patio raised one step off the lawn built to be able to add other elements to the yard in the future.

Small paver path with rounded patio.

Circular Paver Pathway

Here is a paver pathway that runs along the side of a house into the backyard and onto a small circular patio.

Sunken Patio in Bellevue, Washington

Sunken Patio

Because of the severe grade change in the yard, the homeowner decided to go with patios at two levels. Lighting was also incorporated in this project for safety and night time entertainment.

Stairs with Lighting

Stairs with Lighting

These stairs were installed amongst two walls and a path and include lighting. This replaced and old railroad tie terrace and stairs providing safety and eliminating deterioration.

Architectural Slab Patio

Architectural Slab

Built with 16”x16” concrete block with a Holland brick border edge. A small retaining wall had to be built to hold the patio in place and make the grade of the ground level.

Terra Villa Paver driveway

Terra Villa Paver Diveway

This short driveway was installed using Terra Villa pavers. They are a thicker paver and have a slight texture to them.

Patios, Pathways, Driveways & Stairs

Patios and Pathways can be installed to provide a variety of uses, and can be done with a wide variety of materials to suit both aesthetic and utilitarian purposes. Both concrete pavers and natural stone can be used to create formal or informal spaces for you to enjoy. When installed properly patios and paths can provide a lifetime of enjoyment and functionality.

Pavers have many different color combinations and styles to choose from to provide you with the look and function that you desire. There are also different patterns and textures that add an extra element to your project.
Natural stone is also available in many different colors and can be installed to have a formal or more natural look. Stone is available that has been cut and smoothed, or it is available in its raw form.

Lighting can be added for night time enjoyment and safety. It can also be added to highlight certain areas of your landscape for aesthetic purposes.

Depending on the placement of your patio or path, there are some additional costs that may need to be considered. Small retaining walls and/or drainage may need to be installed to keep your patio from failing if it is to be installed on a slope. You may also need to incorporate steps for easier access to the patio. Walls and drainage may also be needed to prevent excess water from running onto your patio. These things are all situational and should be considered as you plan your budget for the project.

Bocce Ball Court

Olympic bocce ball court, paver paio and retianing wall

Dreamscapes completely transformed this Olympia backyard with a bocce ball court, two-tier paver patio and retaining and sitting walls. We completed the project with and underground irrigation system, softscaping, and low-voltage night lighting.

Olympia bocce ball court before installation

This was how the backyard looked before we started the project. The original landscaping was overgrown and there was very little usable space.

Olympia bocce ball court with night lighting

The night lighting on this bocce ball court and patio is stunning under the clear night sky. Great for late night entertaining with friends and family.

Olympica bocce ball court

Here's a closer look at the bocce ball court Dreamscapes installed. The court's surface is made from decomposed granite, which packs down nicely to make a smooth playing surface.

Bocce ball court, paver patio and stairway

The bocce ball court and stair steps are built with Tuscan stone; the paver patios are comprised from Columbia slate.

Columbia slate paver patio and Tuscan stone stairs

Here's a view looking down at the Tuscan stone steps, with matching retaining wall in the background. The patio is built with Columbia slate.

Rock garden and softscaping in Olympia

What was once overgrown grass old foliage is now a beautiful rock garden and fire pit complemented by drought-resistant shrubbery.

Olympia backyard patio and bocce ball court

The final product of this Olympia backyard transformation -- a beautiful paver patio, bocce ball court and softscaping. A perfect place to spend time with company or just enjoy a the peaceful scenery.


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Permeable Turf Stone

The completed permeable turf stone driveway. The turf stone has been seeded with grass. Once the grass has matured, the driveway can be mowed just like the rest of the lawn around the home.

Before construction. The original driveway was simple, unfinished gravel. We will replace this with permeable turf stone and a central planting area to add character and prestige to this beautiful home.

We have installed a paver walkway connecting the entrance to the garage. Installed at a slight grade, this will channel water away from the house to the permeable turf stone. For proper installation, underneath the turf stone is a compacted layer of gravel covered with a layer of sand.

Another view of the permeable turf stone being installed. Note the transition achieved by using different styles of pavers. This will add dimension and a more finished look to the final project.

Construction of circular planting area in the middle of the driveway. This transforms the area into a circular drive and will complement the existing softscape.



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Paver & Turf Stone

Paver driveway after construction. The lattice pattern creates depth and dimension. Using permeable pavers filters and drains the water away from the driveway, eliminating puddles and sinkholes.

Another view of the finished paver driveway. For additional character, grass will be planted between the permeable pavers.

Another view of the original driveway. The concrete slab, as well as the unfinished gravel driveway will be replaced with eco-friendly, permeable pavers. To prepare the driveway, the gravel base will be compacted to 8" and then the pavers will be installed on top.

Original driveway before construction. This old, weathered concrete slab will be removed and replaced with a large, permeable paver driveway.



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