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  • A Green Home Improvement

    Homeowners are putting their best foot forward to improve the curb appeal of their home while helping to protect the environment. They are redoing their driveways and walkways with permeable interlocking concrete pavement (PICP), which not only looks good, but allows water to filter through the pavement to migrate back into the ground.

    Further good news is that some counties offer a rebate program to homeowners who install a PICP driveway. Because PICPs return rainwater to the ground, they help drought-stricken areas or places where storm sewers overflow from too much runoff.

    How It Works

    PICP works like this: A surface of sold concrete pavers is separated by joints filled with small stones that make the joints highly permeable. Water enters the joints between solid

  • Our Go-To Landscape Company

    Dreamscapes has been our go-to landscape company for several major projects over the last several years. Jacob and his crew are professional, creative and conscientious. They all work hard to make sure their customers are completely satisfied with their work product. I especially appreciate that they want to do things right, even if it takes a little longer, rather than rushing just to get the job done. Quality is clearly important to them and it shows in the work they produce and the relationships they build with their customers. I highly recommend Dreamscapes with complete confidence to anyone who values artistry in landscaping and quality in workmanship.

    Barb & George B., Boston Harbor
    Projects include: paver driveway, paver patio, drainage, retaining walls, outdoor lighting, softscapes, granite rock placement, water features, irrigation, design services